"Time to run, time to hide... break on through to the other side"

 -- JIM MORRISON 1967  

See the award-winning documentary short
Elementary...” and other short films from
director Ari Grief’s film school days.


January 20 , 2007: GRIEFILM provides production support/services to Shannon Ross Photography for the new Q107 John Derringer TV spots. See them here

March 15 , 2006: "Ich bin ein Pee-liner!": Additional footage for

FLUSH! shot in various locales throughout Germany, in coordination

with the German Toilet Organization (G.T.O.) and its president, the

new face of the German toilet, Thilo Panzerbieter. View their site here

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           Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying
                        And Love the Toilet

      The Pope uses one, the Queen uses one, the
               President uses one... and so do I




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